About Me

Stop Right There!

Now you didn't think that I'd disclose anything pertaining to me personally, or did you? All you need to know Is that I can target anyone, on any level and circumvent the security of any entity at my disposal. Period.

My Motto:

"The Security Is There, But For How Long?"


  1. Your use of 'period' gives you away as an American so there is something! lol

    Nice website - great actually! I'm on here a lot.

  2. I've SEd you with my Intentional comment.

    That aside, appreciate your reply.

  3. The only blog I actually like to read.

  4. I'm very impressed with your coaching here. I do want to know how receipts can be made, and in your opinion would a leaking laptop battery and acid burns be sufficient as to why I can't send a computer back? I've already got the computers in my name


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