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Stop Right There!

Now you didn't think that I'd disclose anything pertaining to me personally, or did you? All you need to know Is that I can target anyone, on any level and circumvent the security of any entity at my disposal. Period.

My Motto:

"The Security Is There, But For How Long?"


  1. Your use of 'period' gives you away as an American so there is something! lol

    Nice website - great actually! I'm on here a lot.

    1. NOT American, or at least not one that has only lived there, as they use terms that appear to be from AU or NZ, eg EFTPOS & statutory declaration. Take it from me, an American who spent 15 years down there ; )

  2. I've SEd you with my Intentional comment.

    That aside, appreciate your reply.

  3. The only blog I actually like to read.

  4. I'm very impressed with your coaching here. I do want to know how receipts can be made, and in your opinion would a leaking laptop battery and acid burns be sufficient as to why I can't send a computer back? I've already got the computers in my name

  5. Hi mothered,

    First of all, thanks for your work and sharing your knowledge. Cause of you I've learned than, I was a SE'er. I am also a creative and I'm totally maniak about details. I have a question, maybe it's obvious, maybe it's stupid but as I said. I'm maniak about details. On My liste Se'ing, to be refund by my assurance I have changed metadatas of pictures, and find a solution for changing informations of a PDF receipt... Cause when I used photoshop.... It was written. So yes little details could change everything for a Someone who has a mind / reflexion like a SE'er and Qnt to find fails....

    So for the technic "wrong item" when you order the fake one, it needs a norther account logic. But does where the delivery will be matters (like d sending it to a neigbour in the same building or a place totally non linked? The timing for each order is important ( if they arrive with a huge gap of times or exactly the same day?) so is it better for the refunder to find a "logic" link between 2 orders (same day of delivery, same building for exemple...) or contrary can be dangerous for SE'er if the can think about maybe this guy has the real product?

    To finish, using a clean and old account is already a technic for SD? Complaining from account like this will automatically drop the amount of doubt about your claim...

    Thanks if you answer and of not thanks to your work.



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