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So you've stumbled across this blog during your online travels, and probably curious as to why It's created, when there's thousands of other blogs, sites and forums of similar nature. Whilst this Is absolutely correct, allow me to elaborate why SocialEngineers.net Is ahead of the rest.

I won't bore you with lengthy details, hence this Is simple and straight to the point. Every post that you have the pleasure of reading, Is backed by 30+ years of personal experience In the art of exploiting the human firewall. That Is, social engineering. I have written every guide, method and the like based on my very own happenings and findings without any plagiarism whatsoever, thus you're dealing with first-hand experience In all facets of human manipulation.

Almost every article Is very In-depth that contains quite a number of examples, scenarios and analogies - with the objective to address the topic In question from a beginner's standpoint, and finalizing It In an advanced fashion. As such, you'll have a clear understanding of Its content, thereby all questions and concerns are answered accordingly. 

If you don't like lengthy articles, I couldn't care less - go ahead and read a comic book and stare at pictures all day. On the other hand, If you're the type of SE'er who'd like to know the Ins and outs of every element of social engineering, then this blog Is for you. Stick around and believe me, you'll master the art of company manipulation and exploitation efficiently and effectively. 

Given I have documented every post, copying my articles as though It's your own, Is strictly prohibited. You may reference my work only If you credit Its source, namely socialengineers.net

That's about It, enjoy 🙂


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