Boxing Without Dry Ice

How To Use The Box Method Without Dry Ice.

If you're completely new to the art of social engineering and wondering what the heck this topic Is all about and also looking for a place to get started, look no further than this blog to fulfill every Issue, question and concern. You see, the majority of online sources, be It an Internet forum, chat communications to the likes of Discord or perhaps the array of websites pertaining to exploiting the human firewall, do not contain anywhere near the amount Information that you'll have the pleasure of reading on (this) my blog. In fact, over 80% of sites fail to define social engineering for what It Is, and Instead base their articles on either copying & pasting the works of other users, or simply have very little to no Idea of what they're talking about. Have no Illusions, my content Is accurate, unique, up-to-date with the "new breed of human hacking" and backed by 3 decades of personal experience In the SEing sector, so rest assured, you're In good hands.

The above Introduction, Is to give you an Insight of what to expect when reading my tutorials- you will not come across anything like It anywhere else! Notice how I've quoted "the new breed of human hacking" In the aforementioned sentence? That's because It's precisely what this post relates to, namely "manipulating and exploiting companies" such as Zalando, ASOS, Currys PC World, John Lewis, Amazon and so forth, for refunds and replacement Items. Now In order to carry out the task successfully, you must use a strategic plan- which In social engineering parlance Is called a "method". Without It, you have absolutely no hope to achieve your objective. The method I'll be Introducing In this article Is "how to box without using dry Ice".

On the grounds that you've never heard of "boxing" nor "dry Ice", I'd say It's very safe to assume that you're at a complete loss as to what It Involves, and rightly so- Its definition by title Is not exactly self-explanatory. Even If you're an advanced SE'er, you may not fully comprehend everything there Is to know, but don't worry, this will make perfect sense as you progress through each and every sentence. Prior to getting to the point of this guide ("how to box without using dry Ice" ), It's Imperative to have a clear understanding of how the "boxing method" works, and the way It's used In conjunction with "dry Ice". So without further delay, let's begin by first checking out the Ins and outs of the boxing method  as per below.

The Boxing Method Defined:

Also referred to as "box" on Its own, the "boxing method" Is used when you purchase an Item (such as AirPods) and then claim that It's not working right from the get-go by calling the company's representative/agent. He will then go through a few troubleshooting steps, of which you'll obviously say It's still not functioning. When the rep Is satisfied that the Item Is (seemingly) defective, he'll ask to return It for a refund or replacement, but Instead, you send only the box with nothing Inside. The purpose of this method, Is to make the box appear as though It was tampered with during transit, meaning someone (apparently) stole the Item before the package was delivered to Its destination. But for this to work, you must use a calculated approach In how you prepare and send It back.

One of the best ways to do this, Is to cut the box on one side, preferably somewhere underneath where It's not likely to be noticed during shipment, and then seal It with different colored tape. As such, when the company receives It, they'll see that It has been altered from Its original condition and be under the Impression that someone did In fact steal your Item. Given this method Is based on "only sending the box", It's of the utmost Importance that your Item Is extremely light to not register a weight on consignment, and you'll see the reason why this must be applied In this manner In the sentence below.

I recommend opting for something that does not exceed 120 grams- and that's pushing It to Its limit. Essentially, If the company opens an Investigation and cross-checks the details with the carrier, they cannot conclude whether the Item was enclosed and will have no choice, but to Issue you a refund/replacement. What If your product Is quite heavy? Well, that's when you'd use "dry Ice" which will be discussed next. Do note that you will read about "sublimation", which basically means that the dry Ice turns from Its solid state (carbon dioxide) to "gas", so be sure to keep this In mind.

Boxing Using Dry Ice:

The procedure and preparation that's used In this method, Is exactly the same as the one above, with the exception of using dry Ice as a weight substitute  for an Item that's considered a little too heavy. If you're not sure about dry Ice, refer to my tutorial here. We'll have a look at this from both angles- the first being without using dry Ice. Let's say you're planning to SE a GTX 1660 Ti graphics card that weighs around 670 grams, with the Intention to "solely use the box method". When you send the box back to the company In question, due to the weight of the GPU, the variance will definitely show up at the carrier's depot weighing facilities- "namely the box being 690 grams lighter than what It should be". As a result, If the company decides to Investigate your claim, then your SE will most likely fail.

On the other hand, If you had have used "dry Ice", then the outcome would've been different- the SE working In your favor. However, It's not as simple as buying a chunk, packing It Into the box and sending It via a given carrier- there's a few things to consider prior to formulating your method and executing your attack. It's vital to (obviously) match the weight of the dry Ice with that of the Item and of equal Importance, Is to allow enough time for It to sublimate. As such, It will not be present when your package Is received by the company- that Is, the dry Ice would've completely sublimated, leaving only an empty box. They'll be on the assumption that your Item was stolen, and because there was no Inconsistencies with the weight, they'd have no grounds to decline your claim.

How To Box Without Using Dry Ice:

Now that you're aware of what the boxing method Is, and how It's performed when using dry Ice to compensate for the weight, I'll Introduce you to the objective of this article- which Is "boxing without the need for dry Ice". The good thing about this, Is that It doesn't really matter about the weight of the Item you'll be SEing. As long as It's not a family home (so to speak!), then you're good to go. In other words, use some common sense and be realistic by selecting something that Is SE'able, rather than a far-fetched product of 50 Kg or so. What you're about to read Is so simple, that you'd be at a loss as to why (perhaps) you and/or other SE'ers, have never thought of It before. Much the same as the majority of traditional methods, this does require a careful and systematic approach, but the process Is easy- even for those who've yet to execute a single SE.

Let's start by assuming that you're going to social engineer a pair of Nike Air Max Tailwind trainers with a weight of 550 grams, which Is too heavy to send the box on Its own. Evidently, you'd need to substitute the weight with a commodity that's equal (or very close) to that of the trainers and as an alternative to dry Ice, "you'll pack some goods that're consistent with what collection points and carriers have on hand", such as a few rolls of packaging tape. If you've been employed In a warehouse environment, you'll know precisely what I'm referring to- be It clear or brown tape, Is not significant. They both serve the same purpose. 

If you haven't already worked It out, the Intention Is to make It seem as though your pair of trainers (or obviously whatever you're SEing at the time), were stolen at either the collection point, or when they were handled by the carrier drivers and also at their depot, namely when your consignment was sitting In the stores area awaiting delivery. It's a commonality for these entities to utilize packaging tape on a daily basis, so who's to say that any one of them didn't rip open your box, take your Item and replace It with a few rolls of tape thereafter? Enough said. But what If your Item Is big and quite heavy? Well, simply use something else that's part of the same equation, like "shrink wrap clear film". As an example, a single roll Is 50 cm In length and weighs 2.50 kg, so It's well-suited to anything of that size and weight. Moreover, you can adjust the weight to a lesser value, by taking off a few layers of film. Don't forget to seal your box with different colored tape!

In Conclusion:

Upon thoroughly reading each and every topic (If you haven't, do so right now!), there's no doubt that you're well-Informed with not only what the boxing method Involves, but most Importantly and on-topic of this article, the effectiveness of "how to box without using dry Ice". The examples that I've provided for this method, being the packaging tape and shrink wrap clear film, Is not limited to this alone. Basically, you can use any essential needs that carriers, warehouses and storage facilities work with as part of their employment. It's not hard at all to come up with something, so be creative with your judgement and selection.


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