Must SE With Confidence

A Very High Level Of Confidence Makes A Huge Difference.

Everything you do during your day-to-day activities, be It a brainstorming session at your scheduled Monday morning meeting at work, or simply attending a birthday party with a group of friends, you may not realize It but there's always some degree of confidence that you'll generate during each and every conversation. In order to Interact with people successfully or complete a complex task that you happen to be troubleshooting at the time, "you must believe In yourself and your abilities", otherwise It will have a significant negative Impact on your overall self-esteem, which can ultimately lead to embarrassment and failure.

The same applies when social engineering companies on every scale for a refund or replacement of an Item that you've already purchased, or by using the "serial number method" and claiming It purely under warranty. Confidence plays a major role In all facets of SEing, Irrespective of the gateway of communication (phone, live chat or email) you're using against your target. One wrong move and It can be the deciding factor between success and failure, hence If you don't already have It within you, now Is the right time to start building It. So how and where do you begin? Before I get onto this, let's have a look at the typical signs of those who lack a very high amount of confidence.

Signs Of Lacking In Confidence:

Have you heard of the expression: "It's not what you say, but how you say It?". Well, you have now! Social engineers who have very little confidence, will often pause and stutter with their responses when In conversation over the phone with a person they're trying to SE. For example, If you're on the receiving end of being SEd on the phone by someone (being the "social engineer") claiming to be a representative of your electric company and he Is hesitant, Indecisive and demonstrates signs of nervousness, what are your thoughts about the authenticity of the call? Precisely, he's not who he claims to be.

As a result, this effects the SE'ers decision-making, which will lead to delayed and Inaccurate replies to the matter at hand. When the SE'ers capability (or should I say "lack of") Is at this point, the majority of SEs WILL fail. Lack of confidence Is not only limited to communications, but also when formulating the SE In readiness for the attack. Think about It for a minute. If you have very little faith In yourself, then your ability to "effectively prepare your SE against the method you're planning to use", will be very limited. And given the execution of the SE Is based on how well the method has been put together, then It's destined to fail.

The social engineer can be an absolute genius with his research and Information gathering, but this means very little when the time comes to tackle the SE In an effective and methodical approach- and all this Is due to "having a low self-esteem". Every SE'er IS capable of building their confidence levels, but It's just a matter of applying the right Ingredients In a systematic fashion, which brings me to my next point.

How To Build Your Confidence:

There are no hard and fast rules on building one's confidence to an elite level and It certainly won't happen overnight, but rather formulating a plan suited to the SE'ers strengths & weaknesses. As a starting point, choose a channel of communication you're most comfortable with. For Instance, If you're somewhat nervous SEing over the phone, do It via an email message. As such, you'll have all the time In the world to think of your response and reply thereafter- with no pressure whatsoever. The more you do this, the better your skill set Improves, thus your confidence Increases every step of the way.

When you're well and truly comfortable with shooting off emails without any doubt at all, you can then move onto the next stage, for example, online live chat. Keep following this procedure until you're proficient In every facet of communication. In the event you're finding one particular gateway a little difficult to deal with, simply do a few "practice runs" with a friend. After all, I'm sure you both get along quite well together, so It makes perfect sense to speak with a buddy rather than a complete stranger. There's absolutely no rush, so be sure to take your time and let nature take Its course

Self-Confidence At Its Finest:

Many social engineers are gifted and have all the self-confidence they need right from the get-go, with minimal (If any) training required to add to their current skill set. If you're not part of this equation, but have In fact successfully developed your confidence via some or all of the above methodologies, you'll find that every SE you perform, will become second nature with very little effort required to get the job done. Whilst It may be an arduous process for some SE'ers to be fully confident In every area In the art of human manipulation, once It's attained, It Is very difficult (If not Impossible) to lose. 

In fact, It will only Improve with every SE performed. This Is a major attribute that separates the average SE'er, from an elite SE'er. Over time, the former will become the latter, but only through perseverance and many months, If not years of personal experience and pushing every SE beyond limits  to ultimately result In a successful outcome- over and over again.

In Conclusion:

When you're at your peak, you can pass your knowledge and help train fellow SE'ers to develop and build their level of confidence to the point of them becoming an expert themselves, thereby they'll do the same and train others and so forth. At the time of this article, over 30 years ago, I also had to start somewhere In the beautiful world of exploiting the human firewall, and now enjoy every minute of writing tutorials on this blog and also assisting my cyber friends and members on various boards/forums to achieve their objectives In the art of social engineering. With dedication and hard work, you too, will certainly do the same.