Cease And Desist Notice

Cease And Desist- A Request To Stop The SE.

Regardless of whether you're social engineering a company on a very large scale such as Nike, by manipulating the representative to Issue a refund for a pair of trainers that you didn't order to begin with, or your local computer store to replace the SSD that you've boxed, It does take a methodical and systematic approach to get the job done right. However, SEing Is not all sunshine and rainbows and those who've been In the scene for many years to date, are well aware of the risks Involved. Accounts are locked and/or limited, Investigations are opened during the claims process, police reports requested to move forward with the claim, affidavits sent to be signed & returned and the list goes on.

All this Is expected every so often when SEing companies for all types of goods, and social engineers know precisely how to handle and respond to every scenario. However, there's one particular document that's unbeknownst to the majority of SE'ers, Irrespective of how long they've been In the scene. This very Important piece of paper Is what's called a "Cease and Desist" notice, often abbreviated as "C&D".

As you're reading this article, I'd say It's safe to assume that you've either never heard of this, or probably have, but unaware of what It entails. Whatever the case may be, It's crucial for every social engineer to have a good understanding of a C&D notice, Inclusive of Its legal ramifications- should It be Ignored. So let's check It out now.

What Is A Cease And Desist Notice?

Even though this Is not very common In the social engineering sector, It's paramount to be well-Informed of a "Cease and Desist" notice, namely due to the seriousness of Its nature. You'll understand why shortly. On the grounds that you're an SE'er, or perhaps looking to pursue this path, I strongly recommend reading every word from start to finish. Here's how It generally works.

When a social engineer goes too far with obtaining refunds and/or replacements against a company, or Infringes the rights of Individuals, a "C&D" (Cease and Desist) letter Is sent to the social engineer asking to stop his activity. Basically, It alerts him that his actions are In breach of the company's contract and/or terms, and to Immediately stop there and then. Consider a C&D, as a warning notice that's given by the company In question.

Now this Is where It begins to get serious. If the social engineer Ignores the C&D and continues to perform his actions, such as keep refunding the same company after the notice was sent, then the company who Issued the notice can take legal action. In the worst-case scenario and based on the severity of the matter, "legal proceedings could already be In progress", which will be stated In the letter.

As you can see, this Is very significant and In almost every case, It puts an Immediate end to the SE. It can be a somewhat lengthy process when Issuing a C&D letter, namely If an attorney Is Involved to prepare the paperwork, but by no means will a company allow Its complexity to get In the way - "they WILL Issue It where warranted". As a social engineer yourself, you'd want to do everything you can to prevent a cease and desist notice being served, so let's have a look at the key elements that will help you with this.

How To Safeguard Against A C&D Notice:

Whilst there are no hard and fast rules to stop cease and desist notices In their entirety, knowing the circumstances that triggers a company to Issue them, will greatly reduce the likelihood of receiving It. The points I'm about to mention, will be known to many social engineers and not so much for beginners, but regardless of your level of experience, It's very easy to lose track of your SE and fall victim to a C&D. As such, "the objective Is to absorb, apply and always comply" with the following measures.

  • Allow a sufficient gap between each SE.
  • Do not use the same methods many times In succession.
  • Do not SE the same company many times In succession.
  • Set a safe limit and stick to It- don't be greedy.
  • Perform a few legit purchases In between SEs.
  • Where possible, allow your account to mature.
  • Don't hit too many chargebacks In close timing.
  • Do not "refund" every time- ask for a "replacement" now and then.
  • Do not always SE high value Items.
  • Do not falsify documents (police report, affidavit etc).
  • Keep a record of every SE you've done as a point of reference.

In Conclusion:

Unfortunately, a C&D notice can come at any time and without warning and If you haven't taken any precautionary measures to begin with, you may find more than just your electric bill In your mailbox! Sure, the cease and desist notice could never happen to you, but what If It does In the form of litigation? Can you afford an attorney? Are you mentally prepared to fight charges of fraudulent activity?  It's not my Intention to put you In a state of panic, but rather make you aware of the ramifications and effects that a C&D notice can have on you- personally & financially. So take everything you've read In this article on board, apply It accordingly and you'll be good to go with your travels In the social engineering sector.