The Reship Method

Ship To A Reship Company And Then To The Address.

When It comes to social engineering online entities by ordering an Item and having It delivered to a particular address, some SE'ers do not want to give out their real residential address for the purpose of not disclosing where they actually live. 

Why? There's a number of reasons, one of which Is If the company sends the Item as an "Advanced Replacement", then the social engineer will keep It without sending back the defective Item. As such, the company cannot locate the SE'er, thus cannot charge the account.

This Is where the "Reship method" (or "Reshipping" method) comes Into action. Here's a brief description of how It works and Is based on general details. Once the package has been sent by the online store, It's delivered to the reship company's warehouse, and not the social engineer's address. The reship service, will then forward It to the SE'ers house. 

As you can see, this Is an excellent method to keep the real address hidden from the online store. For extra protection against Identification, social engineers often use It together with a "Drop Address" to double their anonymity. 

The way It works Is like this: "SE > Reship Company > Drop Address". Simply stated, the online retailer sends the package to the reship company, and they deliver It to the drop address. The social engineer picks It up from the drop address thereafter. If he's used a fake account, then there's no way that the company can trace the social engineer. 


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