Telemarketing Tactics

Telemarketers And Their Social Engineering Tactics.

Most of us receive phone calls on a daily basis, some of which are from unknown entities asking a few questions here and there, such as whether you have house and contents Insurance or the current rate you're paying to use your cell phone. Such calls, are the work of "telemarketers" trying to offer you a better deal on a product or service you're already using.

Whilst the majority of calls are well and truly legit, there are some that're the work of social engineers, with the objective to trick you Into giving up sensitive Information. SE'ers are well aware of the tactics used by telemarketers to lure people Into choosing the service they're offering, but use their techniques In a different manner- "obtain your personal details".

Social engineers are also aware that the majority of telemarketers get rejected, so they formulate their method In the best Interest of the consumer, namely "you". The SE'er Is very calculated with his approach and believe me, after you read the next paragraph, you'll see why you won't prematurely terminate the phone call. Here's an example of how It works.

The SE Begins:

The social engineer will call, and first ask to speak with the home owner. He will then Identify himself as though he's an employee of an electric company and to keep his target on the line, he'll say that there's an outstanding bill on his system (from the target's provider) that's a few hundred dollars In arrears and It needs Immediate payment, otherwise the electricity to the premises will be terminated. Under these circumstances, there's no doubt that the conversation will remain active.

The SE'er will then say that he's already cross-checked the outstanding payment on the electric bill, by comparing It to the rates that his company offers, and can In fact waive the overdue payment If his target chooses to sign up with his company. He's also said, that due to their low rates, there will be significant savings on each electric bill.

Obtaining Personal Details:

Without question, the social engineer has captured the full attention of his target. After all, no one wants to pay hundreds of dollars when It can be avoided. Now here's where he will SE his target for their personal Information. He'll say: "Prior to signing up, for verification purposes, may I start with the family name, given name and date of birth on the account". The account holder will simply comply, and read out his details. That's It, his target's Identity can now be built from the ground up within the hour! The calculated SE, has proven to be very effective In achieving the objective- grabbing the victim's personal Info.

Other Factors:

There are Instances where your "real electric company" will call, so either call them back, or ask them to read your account number on the bill as well as the amount that was paid on the last one. If It's a legit call, they'll have no hesitation In complying with your request.