Serial Number Method

Get A Refund By Only Using A Serial Number.

In terms of social engineering companies, with the objective to manipulate the representative Into Issuing a refund for a given Item, a lot of people are under the Impression that the Item In question must first be purchased. Whilst this Is certainly true to Its word, by no means Is It a necessity In the mind of the SE'er.

Not every social engineer, has the money upfront to purchase the Item that he Intends to later refund. And that's where the "Serial Number method" comes Into action. Of course, this relates to Items that do In fact contain serials- such as computer keyboards & mouse, AirPods, speakers and the list goes on. Here's a general example of how It works.

Let's assume that the social engineer wants to SE a computer mouse. He will call the company, and say that It's lost functionality and that he's quite frustrated. The representative will go through a few troubleshooting steps, and the social engineer will (obviously) say that It's still not working. As such, the rep Is satisfied that a refund should be Issued and In order to process the claim, requests the Item's serial number.

Evidently, the SE'er "does not have the serial" (nor the Item), so how does he go about getting It? There are a number of ways, but I will demonstrate two of the most effective methods. The first Is from "eBay", and the second Is extremely effective and very successful. Do note, that In order to solidify a successful SE, the serial must "still be under warranty"

Using eBay:

The social engineer will SE the seller, as though he's Interested In purchasing the Item. He'll ask him to provide the serial, just to check that the Item Is legit and not stolen. The SE'er will also assure the seller that once It checks out, he'll purchase the Item. Of course, he'll do no such thing. The seller Is excited about the potential sale, and hands over the serial number. 

Purchasing The Item From Another Company:

This method Is extremely effective. The social engineer will purchase the exact same Item (that he's planning to SE), from "another company". When received, he will open the package, write down the serial number, and then send the Item back for a full refund. He now has a serial number with full warranty. That's all there Is to It!

The Result:

As a result of either of the above methods, the SE'er now has a serial number that's under warranty, which he'll send to the company that he's SEing. The rep will check the warranty expiration and given It's still valid, Issue a refund to the social engineer's account. It's as simple as that. 

Other Factors:

Evidently, there are other factors Involved with the SE, such as having to provide a PoP (Proof of Purchase), but my Intention Is to Introduce you to the "Serial Number method", and how It's used to achieve a successful outcome.