Remove Image Metadata

Remove Metadata When Editing Image Files.

It's Inevitable that online retailers will dispatch defective Items unintentionally and In such Instances, the customer will ask for either a refund or replacement. In order to complete the customer's request, some companies require the original "POP" (Proof Of Purchase) and once It's received, the refund/replacement Is finalized. 

A social engineer who doesn't have the POP, will create one using Photoshop and send It In the form of an Image file, but a proficient SE'er knows precisely what to do "prior" to sending the file. The metadata In Images, can contain details such as the resolution, color depth and when the Image was created, so It's Imperative to remove such content and here's why. 

When an Image Is edited, particularly In Adobe Photoshop, the changes can be seen by simply viewing the metadata. The company can easily examine this, and determine that the POP has been tampered with and Is In fact fake. 

To prevent this, the social engineer will strip the metadata by using an online tool, or save the Image In a systematic manner In Photoshop Itself by choosing "File > Save for web", and then selecting "JPEG". As an added precautionary measure, he'll change the "Copyright and Contact Info" to "None", thus leaving no Indication that the Image has been altered.

A given company may not even check the metadata due to lack of knowledge or otherwise, but the social engineer Is aware that It's still an element of risk to leave It Intact, hence will strip It, thereby leaving nothing to chance.