Company Investigation

An Official Inquiry Into The Claim By The Company. 

In terms of social engineering a company to obtain a refund or replacement for an Item, there are several ways that the claim Is handled and processed. A lot of It Is based on the "method" that the social engineer uses. For example, some companies are happy to approve the claim, by simply asking for a "PoP" (Proof of Purchase), whilst others perform an official Inquiry Into the claim, which Is known as an "Investigation"- that examines the claim In detail.

Why Does The Company Investigate?

As said, the "method" used by the social engineer, will determine whether an Investigation Is deemed necessary. For Instance, let's say the SE'er decides to SE a laptop using the "DNA" (Did Not Arrive) method, by obviously claiming that the package was not delivered and received. Due to the "high value cost" of the Item, the company needs to be absolutely certain that what the social engineer Is saying, Is In fact true and correct. As such, they will open an Internal "Investigation", which Involves a number of steps before deciding If a refund or replacement should be Issued.

What Happens During An Investigation?

If you're new to SEing and It's the first time that you've experienced an Investigation taking place, It can seem Intimidating, when In fact It's quite the opposite. Every company has certain guidelines to follow when processing claims, and an Investigation Is part of this equation. In the case of the "DNA method", the company will open an Investigation and cross-check the details with the carrier- with the objective of establishing If the package was delivered, and If not, try and locate It. Sometimes, they'll ask the social engineer to obtain a "police report", to state that he did not receive the package. Don't be concerned when told of an Investigation. It's simply "part of company protocol" to move forward with the claim.

The Outcome Of An Investigation:

Social engineers are well aware of why an Investigation Is opened and how It's handled, thus to ensure a successful outcome with the SE, they're very selective with their method and apply It accordingly. One example (and as already mentioned) Is using the "DNA" (Did Not Arrive) method, by "signing a fake signature on delivery" and then saying that the package wasn't "personally received". In just about every SE, this will result In the company opening an Investigation. 

The company's Investigation will determine that the package was "delivered", however (because of the fake signature) they cannot say for sure that It was "personally received" by the social engineer. Do note that there's a BIG difference between "delivered" and "personally received". Anyone could've accepted the package! Due to the latter, the Investigation Is deemed Inconclusive, and the social engineer Is then Issued a refund or replacement. 

In Conclusion:

In my experience of three decades of social engineering companies, although circumstances have changed over the years, an Investigation predominantly results In a successful outcome. You need to remember that It's simply part of company protocol to proceed with your claim, and nothing more. Some Investigations are finalized In a couple of days, whilst others can take over a week or two. Whatever the case may be, stay calm, comply with the company's request, and you will reap the reward thereafter. 


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