Who's Training Your Staff?

Have You Allocated The Job To The Right Person?

Not only Is It Imperative to train every employee In your organization about social engineering, but of equal Importance Is "who'" Is actually In charge of the training? The caliber of social engineering training, Is only as good as the person's ability to deliver It In a clear, Informative and accurate manner. You cannot just give the task to anyone and expect them to do the job properly. 

For Instance, It's absolutely useless giving the responsibility to someone In the accounts department, If their understanding of social engineering Is down to a minimum. 

These are the questions you need to ask yourself: Is the person's competency up for the training? How effective Is the training? What actions are taken when an SEing attack Is experienced? What sort of corrective measures are Implemented to help prevent future attacks? 

It's paramount that you address, formulate and put everything Into effect BEFORE selecting and allocating the person In charge. Once you have a plan In place, be sure that the person who's training your staff, Is well aware of Its contents and most Importantly, how to deliver the Information efficiently and effectively.