The Boxing Method

Sending A Box Without The Item.

Boxing Is to obtain a refund or replacement on an Item that the social engineer has purchased from an online store. In simple terms, he sends the box back to the seller without the Item (that was purchased). How It generally works Is like this. The social engineer will contact the seller claiming the Item Is defective. The seller will request It's return, and the social engineer will send the box empty, without the Item.

Now packages are weighed during shipment so to match the weight of the Item, the social engineer will place "Dry Ice" In the box. He will also tear the package to a length that's consistent with the Item, and seal It with different colored tape. This gives the Impression as though the package has been tampered with during transit. That Is, the Item has been stolen.

By the time the seller receives the delivery, the dry Ice would've sublimated and ONLY the box Is received. The seller checks with the carrier and after Investigating, he's satisfied the Item was stolen. A refund/replacement Is then Issued to the social engineer.

On the other hand, If the Item Is extremely light and does not register a weight on consignment, then the company cannot cross-check the details against the carrier's manifest. As such, the SE'er will simply send the package alone, without any weight substitution (example, dry Ice), and will also claim that the Item was stolen during transit. This method has a high success rate with very lightweight Items, such as AirPods.