Research The Target

Researches His Target Prior To The SE.

In order to SE a company, the social engineer MUST know precisely what he's dealing with. For the most part, It's not possible to succeed with what I call a "Blind social engineering attack", whereby he'll try to exploit his target without any knowledge of what he's up against. 

For example, here's an analogy. If you're Invited to a wedding 100 miles from home to a church you've never heard of nor (obviously) attended, If you don't look up directions (research) beforehand, how do you know how to get there? The same applies when social engineering the target.

"Research", Is paramount before attempting the SE. If the SE'er wants to obtain a refund for an Item from one particular company, he'll first read their terms and conditions. 

In doing so, he'll then Identify any flaws and loopholes, establish who's responsible for loss of goods during transit, see how long the warranty period Is for, checkout precisely what the refund process Is and which carrier they use, and the list goes on

A good social engineer, will always extensively research his target, and will formulate his method based on his findings. As such, the execution of the SEing attack, will be against the company In question, thus have all the Ingredients to achieve a successful outcome.