Proof Of Destruction

Proof Of Destruction Often Abbreviated As "POD".

Prior to sending out a replacement for a defective Item, there are a number of companies who request what's called a "POD" (Proof Of Destruction), on a claim submitted by the social engineer. The representative will ask the social engineer to destroy the defective Item/device by (for example) breaking the buttons and cutting the cord on the computer mouse, or drilling holes In the Hard Disk Drive. 

The purpose of this from the company's standpoint, Is to ensure that the defective Item Is rendered completely useless, thus preventing the SE'er from falsifying the claim. However, social engineers are always one step ahead as you'll read In a moment. 

In order to verify that the Item has In fact been destroyed, the representative requests evidence by way of a photo that clearly shows all this and only after he receives It and Is satisfied with Its contents, will a replacement Item be dispatched. 

Social engineers easily circumvent this by getting Images off Google or eBay, and then Photoshop It (Inclusive of serial numbers etc) according to the representative's Instructions. The Images appear so realistic, that even close examinations fail to detect that they're fake.

Instead of "Proof Of Destruction", you'll find that on the majority of forums/boards, Its abbreviated form of "POD" Is used In almost every article and post that discusses It.