Evaluate All Information

The Social Engineer Will Analyze Every Bit Of Information.

When a social engineer selects his target, be It manipulating the representative of an online retailer to obtain a refund, or pretending to be someone from the account's department In your office to SE you for usernames & passwords, once he's "researched" his target, he then needs to evaluate the Information at hand.

From a standpoint of SEing a company, he'll look for things such as Identifying vulnerabilities In their terms & conditions, the grounds on which Item refunds and replacements are Issued, the Item warranty period (example, 12 or 24 months), the type of carrier used by the company and so forth.

There's no point having all the details he needs In front of him, If he doesn't know what to do with It Is there? The social engineer will go through every minute detail, Identify precisely how they can be utilized, and see whether there are any flaws and weaknesses to use to his advantage when the time comes to formulate his attack.