Drop House Or Address

A House Or Address Not Belonging To The SE'er.

This Is a house that does not belong to the social engineer and Is used as a delivery point to receive packages. There are many reasons to use this, with the most common being to protect the SE'rs Identity, and/or to avoid being billed by the company who's sending the goods. 

The social engineer will search for a vacant home, such as one that's listed for lease/rent. He'll then use this as the delivery address when ordering Items from an online retailer and either accept the delivery from the carrier, or If It's left at the premises by the driver, he will pick It up at a later stage. 

Given the house Is not associated with the social engineer In any way, shape or form, there Is no Identifiable relationship, thus has a pretty high success rate.

Of course, the SE'er does not use his real name, nor any other legit details at the time of when the online order Is placed. Some carriers may refuse delivery to a home that's listed for lease, hence the social engineer will either use a carrier that does, or take down the sign prior to accepting the delivery.