Disposed The Faulty Item

Avoid Sending The Item Back To The Company.

In the event you purchase an Item from the Internet, be It a pair of headphones, a computer keyboard or a rechargeable toothbrush, It doesn't always come shipped In a faultless condition. Some Items are completely nonfunctional, and social engineers are well aware of this, thus use It to their advantage when SEing a given company. 

However, just about every retailer will ask to return the faulty Item In exchange for a refund or replacement and as such, social engineers use the "Disposed The Faulty Item" method.

Here's how It generally works. When the company requests It's return, the SE'er will say something along the lines of "The toothbrush blew up when my son was using It, and for safety reasons, I Immediately threw It out". Of course, he did nothing of the sort.

Now this Is where the SE takes effect In a very positive manner. Companies take health & safety very seriously, and have protocols In place which require full compliance. The SE'er will push the company to Its limit, by repeatedly referring to the safety Issue that he experienced with their product.

Through perseverance and being adamant with the entire claim, the company will eventually give In and send a refund or replacement. From an SEing standpoint, the key Is to not take no for an answer, Irrespective of what the representative has to say. When used In this context, this method works on almost every occasion.