Corrupted File Method

Send A Damaged Image File Or Video.

During the process of assessing a claim for a refund or replacement of an Item, In order to complete the request, some companies ask the customer to provide a picture or video that must Include (obviously) the Item Itself and other Identifiable details, like Its serial number and perhaps a handwritten note- to verify that the Item does In fact belong to the account holder.

Only when the Image or video has been sent and fulfills the request, will a refund/replacement be Issued. Aside from Photoshopping an Image, social engineers use online services to "corrupt the file" and sent It to the company thereafter. 

Naturally, the company will ask for It again, and the social engineer will keep sending the corrupted file, but In a "different file format each time"- just to give the Impression that he's doing his utmost best to comply with the company and resolve the matter. at hand. 

The SE'er will also assure the representative that the file Is working fine on his end. Through perseverance and "not taking no for an answer", the corrupted file method works almost each and every time. Eventually, the company will give In and go ahead with the refund/replacement.