Broken Glass Method

The Item Is Smashed When Received.

Anything can happen to a package during shipment when ordering from an online store- It can get lost/misplaced, It's contents stolen In transit or damaged to some degree. The latter (damaged) Is what social engineers take advantage of when ordering "particular" Items. Notice the operative word being "particular?". That's because the SE'er Is selective with the nature of the Item, namely those that are shipped In bottles such as perfumes and cologne. 

They're susceptible to breakage and because of this, there's very little a company can do to deny that It did not happen from the time It left their warehouse, to when It was received by the customer. 

Social engineers know all about this, and use the "Broken Glass Method" to request a refund on a bottle of (example) cologne that arrived In perfect condition to begin with. 

The company usually asks for proof such as a photo of the shattered glass, and the SE'er will either Photoshop the Image, keep sending corrupted files or use glass that's similar In appearance. Either way, the outcome has a very high success rate.