Advanced Replacement

Advanced Replacement Often Abbreviated As "AR".

Not too many companies offer this as part of their claims management process, but for those that do, It means that they will send the Item BEFORE the defective product Is returned to them, hence "Advanced Replacement"

In a well-formulated method, the social engineer does not have a defective Item to begin with. He simply claims that he does, just to have the advanced replacement dispatched to him.

The "AR" suits the social engineer perfectly, particularly when It's dispatched to a "drop house"- meaning a home that's vacated and up for sale or lease. 

In this case, the SE'er doesn't have to even think about ways to avoid sending the (seemingly) defective product- the drop house Is not his, thus It's not linked to him In any way, shape or form so he's totally In the clear.

Moreover, to avoid being billed by the company due to the social engineer not complying with their request, he will use a fake account, with every Identifiable detail changed. 

If a  drop house Is not used by the social engineer, what happens when It's sent to "his" residential address, and the company Is awaiting the return of the defective Item? Simple. If the Item Is small and light enough, he will box the company, by giving the Impression that the Item was stolen during transit.

If you're actively Involved In a social engineering community, be It on a given forum or Discord server, you'll see the term "AR" used quite regularly when referring to Advanced Replacement